New York Comedy Club • 241 East 24th St. (between 2nd and 3rd) New York, NY 10010 • (212) 696-5233 

Events for October 2016

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The Early Show ft Aaron Berg + Kevin Dombrowski - 5:00PM

Des Bishop, Ricky Velez, Adrienne Iapalucci, Mike Cannon - 7:00PM

Ricky Velez, Adrienne Iapalucci, Eric Neumann, Mike Cannon - 9:15PM

Ricky Velez, Mike Cannon, Matt Pavich, Matteo Lane - 11:30PM

Closed for private event - 5:00PM

Jamie Roberts Sunday Night Live ft Joe Pontillo + Tanael Joachim - 9:15PM

Rory Albanese Headlines the NYCC Comedy Competition Hosted by Brendan Sagalow - 7:00PM

Nore Davis, Subhah Agarwal, Anthony Devito (Service Industry Specials) - 9:15PM

Jared Freid, Corinne Fisher, Krystyna Hutchinson - 7:00PM

Paul Virzi, Noah Gardenswartz, Tom Kelly, Christine Meehan - 9:15PM

CandyBox: a Free Comedy Sampler - 11:00PM

Nathan Macintosh, Wil Sylvince, Roddy MacInnes - 7:00PM

Ricky Velez, Richie Redding, Greg Stone, Annie Lederman - 9:15PM

Kevin Dombrowski, Mike Cannon, Geno Bisconte, KC Arora - 6:30PM

[SOLD OUT] An Evening with Mark Ellis - 8:30PM

An Evening with Mark Ellis - 10:30PM

The Sheba Mason Show ft Esther Ku + Tom McCaffrey - 7:00PM

[SOLD OUT] Mike Recine, Sam Morril, Kate Wolff, Nathan Macintosh - 9:15PM

Sam Morril, Liza Treyger, Mike Recine, Matt Ruby - 11:15PM

The Early Show ft Sam Morril - 5:00PM

Sam Morril, Sarah Tollemache, Mehran Khagani, Ryan Reiss, Alexis Guerreros - 7:00PM

Sarah Tollemache, Sam Morril, Mark Ellis, Rell Battle - 9:15PM

Mark Ellis, Rell Battle, Matt Pavich, Neko White - 11:30PM

Corinne Fisher, Nimesh Patel, Mara Marek, Andrew Collin (Comic Con Specials) - 7:00PM

Jamie Roberts Sunday Night Live ft Michael Yo + Richie Redding - 9:15PM

Nore Davis + Jon Laster Headline NYCC Comedy Competition - 7:00PM

Christi Chiello, Daniel Tirado, H Foley (Service Industry Specials) - 9:15PM

Redbull Late Night: Free Comedy! - 11:00PM

Andrew Schulz, Petey DeAbreu, Jeremy Pinsly, Matt Schwartzer - 7:00PM

Andrew Schulz, Wendi Starling, Brendan Sagalow - 9:15PM

CandyBox: a Free Comedy Sampler - 11:00PM

Joe Zimmerman, Neko White, Mike Cannon, Erik Levi, Ryan Hernandez - 7:00PM

Kate Wolff, Neko White, Pete Bladel - 9:15PM

Thats What She Said ft Renee Santos - 6:30PM

Christian Finnegan, Yamaneika Saunders, Mike Cannon, Mike Recine - 8:30PM

Roast Battle NYC ft Mike Recine v Noah Gardenswartz - 10:30PM

Madison and AMarie All Star Comedy Show - 7:00PM

Kurt Metzger, Sherrod Small, Mike Cannon, Liz Miele - 9:15PM

Melting Pot Variety Show Presented by Mike Merkovich, Melissa Diaz + Keith Tryfle Hudson - 11:15PM

The Early Show ft Aaron Berg + Walker Hays - 5:00PM

Des Bishop, Dante Nero, Kurt Metzger, Joe List - 7:00PM

Sherrod Small, Dante Nero, Des Bishop, Kurt Metzger - 9:15PM

Aaron Berg, Wendi Starling, James Mattern, Krystyna Hutchinson - 11:30PM

An Evening with Dave Siegel ft Ari Shaffir + Myq Kaplan - 7:00PM

Jamie Roberts Sunday Night Live ft Sergio Chicon + Daniel Tirado - 9:15PM

Des Bishop Headlines NYCC Comedy Competition Semi Finals - 7:00PM

Nore Davis, Corinne Fisher, Wendi Starling (Service Industry Specials) - 9:15PM

Greetings From Boca Raton: New York Preview - 7:00PM

Des Bishop, Andrew Schulz, Mike Cannon, Krystyna Hutchinson - 9:15PM

CandyBox: a Free Comedy Sampler - 11:00PM

Mo Mandel, Jeff Leach, Subhah Agarwal, Robby Slowik - 7:00PM

Mark Normand, Mike Recine, Liz Miele, Michael Brigante - 9:15PM

The Thirst! Free Comedy - 11:00PM

Rutgers Alumni Show - 6:30PM

Sam Morril, Leah Bonnema, Noah Gardenswartz, Alexis Guerreros - 8:30PM

Sarah Tollemache, Pete Lee, Kate Wolff, Tom Kelly, Eric Neumann, Jason Salmon - 10:30PM

Gina Yashere, Mike Recine, Ryan Reiss, Alexis Guerreros - 7:00PM

[SOLD OUT] Kurt Metzger,Gina Yashere, Richie Redding, Ryan Reiss - 9:15PM

Paid or Pain ft Kurt Metzger, Mike Recine, Pat Dixon + Lady Zombie Hosted by Jay Nog and Mehran Khaghani - 11:15PM

The Early Show ft Subhah Agarwal + Dan Shaki - 5:00PM

Ricky Velez, Bonnie McFarlane, Rell Battle, James Mattern - 7:00PM

[SOLD OUT] Bonnie McFarlane, Ricky Velez, Jared Freid, Eric Neumann - 9:15PM

Jared Freid, Bonnie McFarlane, Anthony Devito, Blair Socci - 11:30PM

Lone Bird Comedy ft Tim Dillon + Alli Breen - 7:00PM

Jamie Roberts Sunday Night Live - 9:15PM

Paul Virzi Headlines NYCC Comedy Competition Finals - 7:00PM

Corinne Fisher, Nore Davis, Kate Wolff (Service Industry Specials) - 9:15PM

Jessica Kirson, Marina Franklin, Danny Cohen, Shauna Lane - 7:00PM

Nore Davis, Aaron Berg, Alex Pavone, Chrissie Mayr - 9:15PM

CandyBox: a Free Comedy Sampler - 11:00PM

Burbank Comedy Festival Preliminaries - 7:00PM

Burbank Comedy Festival Preliminaries - 9:15PM

The Thirst! Free Comedy - 11:00PM

Jon Laster, Rory Albanese, Corinne Fisher, Geno Bisconte - 8:30PM

Roast Battle NYC ft. Corinne Fisher & Yamaneika Saunders - 10:30PM