Don't miss out on Andrew Schulz Presents Yannis Pappas Blowing The Light

Yannis Pappas and Andrew Schulz go way back with us. Even before Scott & Emilio purchased the club, Yannis was a go-to headliner on shows they were producing independently. And Andrew has been a supporter of NYCC since day one, he's even been friends with our booker for over a decade! So when the pair proposed a bold experiment, we were all for it.

The experiment was this - what if we filmed a comedy set the way it really goes down. At a club, not a theater. With a real audience, not seat fillers. In the moment, as it happens. And if you know Schulz, you know he's never got a camera far away - from his great instagram videos on the road to putting out his own cross-town special, he's prepared for everything. So his camera guys grabbed a couple seats, Yannis took the stage and they just kept it rolling!

And now you can enjoy this impromptu set from one of the country's top comics in easy to digest segments. Go yo Yannis's Instagram and subscribe for new clips every Monday and Thursday!

We could not be more excited to have been a part of it, and we're even more excited it's time to share it with you!