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Abby Washuta


Abby is a stand-up comic, writer and producer based in New York City. She promises to write a more detailed bio when she has more time. She’s busy goddamn it. If you want the whole story, come to a show and I’ll tell you in person. She also host's the very funny, "No, But What's Your Real Job?" once a month at the New York Comedy Club.
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Tickets For Upcoming Shows
  • Thursday July 25th 10:15PM
  • East Village
  • No, But What's Your Real Job?
  • No, But What's Your Real Job?" - Would you rather go for after work drinks with Moe from accounting who insists he could be a stand-up comic? Or join us every first Thursday at 10:15 pm for drinks and laughs with some of NYC's funniest (actual) comics? The choice is yours. We've got celebrity drop-ins and hot up-and-coming comics, which will make for way better chatter around the water cooler the next day.