Ariel Elias


Ariel Elias is a nationally touring stand-up comedian with the Girls With Mace Comedy Tour and currently lives in New York City. Originally from Kentucky, her Jewish upbringing gave her a unique perspective of her surroundings and colored her humor. Through a combination of personal stories, clever writing, and dry wit, as well as climbing into The Stand's top ten Roast Battlers, Ariel has established herself as a strong up-and-comer in today's comedy scene. She appeared in Seriously.TV's BLISSFUL THINKING, regularly contributes to the popular humor site Someecards, and her writing has been featured in Jezebel. Ariel co-hosts a podcast called Well Behaved, combining her love for history and comedy, and produces the monthly standup show Members Only, listed as one of New York's best new comedy shows according to Time Out Magazine. She regularly performs at clubs such as New York Comedy Club, The Stand, and Stand Up NY, and has made a name for herself in the underground scene including bars, sex shops, bowling alleys, and anywhere else that will have her.
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