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Chuck Nice is a Philadelphia native and a 18 year veteran of stand up comedy with a rich history in television and radio. For eight years he provided comic relief to the Radio Chick show, bringing the funny to New York’s radio air waves. From that time until present, Chuck has been equally busy making a name for himself on the small screen. He is the host of Buy Like A Mega Millionaire on HGTV, The Juice on Veria Living and The Hot Ten on Centric. Chuck is seen regularly on the Today Show, has guest hosted Joy Behar’s Say Anything and Co-hosted The View. Chuck maintains his radio presence as the co-host of Star Talk Radio with Dr. Neil Degrasse Tyson where he provides humorous commentary on one his favorite
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Tickets For Upcoming Shows
  • Wednesday September 25th 07:00PM
  • Midtown
  • 136º Funny: Because Climate Is No Laughing Matter?
  • As a part of NYC Climate Week and the Shh…It’s Real campaign, a different take on climate communication comes to New York. The Real Campaign seeks to spark climate activism through entertainment, forsaking panels and talks in lieu of stand-up, sketch, music, and short film. The show will serve as proof of concept that there is an appetite for messaging that inspires hope concerning human-caused climate chaos, formerly known as climate change. “People are becoming numb to the devastation imagery of disaster porn, which is constantly in the media,” says campaign founder and comedian Chuck Nice, “This is the time to inspire hope that we can make a difference and solve this problem.The title of the show is a nod to a now disqualified heat record set in 1922 (don’t worry, we’ll get there yet). Specially crafted for the attendees of Climate Week, the program will feature comedians, sketch comedy and a musical performance by prolific rap artist Baba Brinkman. Showtime is 7:30 pm at the New York Comedy Club, 241 E. 24th St., Ny 10010 on Sept. 25th and tickets are $25.00. “You’ll be entertained regardless of your connection to the issue, and hopefully you’ll be inspired too!” says comedian and show host Chuck Nice.