Jatty Robinson


You’ve heard the saying, “If looks could kill…” Well, when it comes to Bronx-bred comedian/actor Jatty Robinson, they routinely do. He captivates audiences both on and off the stage with his glaring facial expressions and spirited demeanor. Jatty has been featured in comedy festivals and competitions such as NBC’s Standup For Diversity (semi-finalist), New York Comedy Festival and Laughing Devil Festival. With appearances in film, digital series ‘AKA Wyatt Cenac’. In April 2022, Jatty released his 1st stand-up special “Odds Are Even”, which is now streaming on YouTube. Additionally, you can download and listen to the comedy album on all platforms. Robinson’s self-produced 3-part docu-series “Locumentary”, where he discusses the journey of having locs, while exploring the different perceptions and loc culture in the black community is available now on YouTube. --
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