Jeffrey Gurian


Jeffrey Gurian’s comedy writing career really began when Rodney Dangerfield started performing his jokes on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. Since then he’s worked with performers that have ranged from legends like Milton Berle, ( his original sponsor in The Friars Club), and Jerry Lewis, to comics like Richard Belzer, the late Phil Hartman, Gilbert Gottfried, Joan Rivers, Pat Cooper, Pauly Shore, Dice Clay, and most recently George Wallace. Paul Provenza, the director of the hit film “The Aristocrats”, wrote the forward to Jeffrey’s recent book, ” Filthy, Funny, and Totally Offensive” based on his many years of writing for the famed Friars Roasts. The book is packed with the favorite nasty jokes of more than 250 stand-ups and celebs from all areas of entertainment, including Drew Carey, Jason Alexander, Jeff Garlin, Susie Essman, Adam Ferrara, Chris Elliott, Jeffrey Ross, Artie Lange, Lisa Lampanelli, Ice-T, The Sopranos, and many more. Jeffrey’s writing for the legendary Weekly World News where he was given his own column called “Gurian’s World of the Bizarre”, and reported on stories like “Tap Dancing For The Criminally Insane”, and “Man Paints Replica of the Cistine Chapel With His Beard” recently led him to launch an animated short film “news” series. Produced by GNN (Gurian News Network) it features “All The News That’s Fit To Dance To”, with animated stories like “Man Robs Bank With His Chin”, ” George Washington Wore Wooden Pants”, and “Man With Infant’s Head Sues For Discrimination”, which were shown at the 2009 Cannes Film Festival, in the Short Film Corner. GNN also produces short bizarre “news” stories made specifically for radio stations. Jeffrey has written two award-winning films, one feature and one short, and is currently writing a book, and co-producing a documentary film on the history of The Comic Strip, the longest running comedy club in New York City, with owner Richie Tienken, who opened that club in 1976. He has already interviewed Chris Rock, Jerry Seinfeld, Paul Reiser, Lewis Black, Susie Essman, Colin Quinn, Gilbert Gottfried, Jim Breuer, Lisa Lampanelli, Ray Romano, and many others. He is a regular guest on many radio shows, both comedy and of a serious nature. Jeffrey created the comedy variety show “Uncle Nat’s Traveling Peep Show”, he co-produced the Hamptons Comedy Festival in 2004 and has been writing the national celeb-based entertainment column/Vlog Comedy Matters since 1999. It’s an inside look at the comedy world, currently in LaughSpin Magazine and on an A-list celeb-filled Vlog. He is also a doctor, a Professor at NYU in the Oral Medicine/Oro-Facial Pain Department, and is on the Board of The Assoc. For Spirituality and Psychotherapy for the last ten years. He is a lecturer at Energy psychology conferences, an author, a playwright, a comedian, and he developed a cure for Stuttering, which he used to cure himself. He often appears on radio shows to discuss his Energy Healing techniques for treating stress-related illness and Depression. He’s a Renaissance man in the true sense of the word.
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