Joey Caroll


Joey has been performing clean, thought provoking comedy for nearly 20 years. He has been described as a cross between Lewis Black and Dennis Miller. His comedy is the result of a unique life experience and always keeping a positive attitude no matter what life throws at him. Joey has become a favorite on the corporate scene by bringing his clean and non offensive comedy to lunches, dinners and awards banquets. His tales of life in the workplace leave everyone laughing and thankful that he has found his true calling. Joey has also used his comedy to bring much needed laughter to our troops overseas since 1999. His overseas tours have included Afghanistan, Bosnia, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Iraq, Japan, Korea, Kuwait, Kosovo, Kyrgystan, Macedonia. His latest tour took him to the Persian Gulf and the Mediterranean to entertain our service members at sea. Joey has appeared on NESN's Roughing It and WCVB's Chronicle, as well as Comedy Central's Pulp Comics and lastly on NECN’s Broadside with Jim Braude.
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