Kaneez Surka


Kaneez Surka is a Stand Up Comedian, Show Creator/Producer, Comedic Actress and Improviser. She has produced and performed in her Netflix Special, 'Ladies Up', Netflix's 'Comedy Premium League' as well as Amazon Prime Video's Improv specials 'Something From Nothing' and 'Improv All Stars - Games Night'. Kaneez is a pioneer in the Indian comedy scene and had established herself as integral part of the industry. She has been a judge on the comedy reality show 'Comicstaan' Season 1 and 2 on Amazon Prime Video and 'Queens of Comedy' on TLC. On Youtube Kaneez started the first of it's kind in India -a comedy panel game show called 'The General Fun Game Show', which has featured popular comics. She has also Performed as part of the Melbourne Comedy Festival and New York Comedy Festival. Kaneez now lives in New York and is excited for the next journey in her comedy career.
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Tickets For Upcoming Shows
  • Saturday June 3rd 05:30PM
  • East Village
  • Kaneez Surka, Matt Ruby, Katie Boyle, Jill Weiner
  • Nothing says downtown NYC like a microphone, a stool, a brick wall and a comedian. Stand up comedy has been a staple of Village nightlife for decades! The newly expanded New York Comedy Club is proud to join the thriving arts and entertainment scene in the East Village, building on our strong presence at our flagship location in Gramercy.Every show is packed with comics you know… or should! Your favorite podcast stars (Guys We Fucked, Legion of Skanks, Tuesdays With Stories), SiriusXM personalities (Jay Oakerson, Dan Soder, Andy Fiori, Shuli Egar), TV stars (Judah Friedlander, Rell Battle, Andrew Schulz, Carly Aquilino), Late Night personalities (Rory Albanese, Mike Yard, Ricky Velez, Jena Friedman, Josh Gondelman), plus hot young talent about to burst onto the scene.
  • Saturday June 3rd 07:00PM
  • Midtown
  • Andrew Schulz, Kaneez Surka, Josh Adam Meyers, Katie Boyle
  • Get the authentic NYC stand up comedy experience at New York Comedy Club! Enjoy a nightly showcase of the best comedians in the city, hot up-and-comers, plus hotshot celebrity drop ins, national and international touring comics and more surprises!Our regulars include Judah Friedlander, Todd Barry, Andrew Schulz, Christian Finnegan, Bonnie McFarlane, Sherrod Small, Ari Shaffir, Ricky Velez, Yamaneika Saunders, Jay Oakerson, Matt Richards, Carly Aquilino, Carmen Lynch, Lenny Marcus, Mike Britt, Sarah Tollemache, Adrienne Iapalucci, Emma Willmann, James Mattern, Anthony Devito, Greg Stone, Aaron Berg, Mike Cannon, Jon Laster, Josh Gondelman, Matt Pavich, Nore Davis, Neko White, Corinne Fisher, Krystyna Hutchinson, Wendi Starling, Nathan Macintosh, Gary Vider, Sam Morril, Joe List, Mark Normand, Subhah Agarwal, Dante Nero, Chuck Nice and more!
  • Tuesday June 6th 07:00PM
  • Midtown
  • Bitch Sesh ft. Kaneez Surka, James Pontillo, Katie Haller, Eagle Witt
  • Gratitude lists are great and all, but sometimes you just need a cathartic Bitch Sesh. James Pontillo & Katie Haller bring you a night of laughter, sass, and plenty of unfiltered opinions. As soon as you take your seat, you'll find a piece of paper with a "bitchy prompt" waiting for you. It could be anything from "Things You Hate About Your Ex", "Worst First Date Ever" to "Celebrities Who Need to Shut Up."The show features some of NYC's top comedians from Comedy Central, Netflix Is A Joke, Late Show With Stephen Colbert, and The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon. But the real fun begins during the breaks. That's when they'll pull your responses to the prompts at random and read them out loud for all to hear. Who knows, your complaint about your ex or your rant about a certain politician might just be the punchline the audience needed.So, grab your friends, grab a drink, and get ready to let loose. Bitch Sesh is the ultimate comedy show for anyone who's ever had an opinion. Come join us for a night of laughs and maybe even a little bit of therapeutic complaining.