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Katie Haller


Katie Haller is a stand-up comedian, and tiny rapper by the name of T-Spoon. She has performed in the Women In Comedy Festival, NY Funny Song Festival, and was most recently a finalist in the New York Comedy Club Competition. Her writing has been featured on Collegehumor, Elite Daily, and Huffington Post Comedy. She also writes about dogs for The BarkPost. She is 4'11, but seems way taller on stage, and on the internet. 
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Tickets For Upcoming Shows
  • Sunday April 7th 06:00PM
  • East Village
  • Comedy Seance with Kate Wolff, Alyson Charles, and Jess Grippo
  • Comedy Seance is a spiritual comedy variety show with healers/comedians Alyson Charles, Jess Grippo, and Kate Wolff. A unique and hilarious show with stand up comedy, musical acts, dancing, spiritual ceremonies, and more! Jess, Kate, and Alyson take you on an adventure where you feel uplifted, and can't stop laughing, all the while going deep into your truest soul's vibration. Cause it's cool to be yourself!Featuring:Kate WolffAlyson CharlesJess GrippoAminah ImaniKatie HallerEytan MillstoneJay Le'Cuyer