Kerri Louise


Louise was a finalist on the second season of Last Comic Standing and has appeared on television programs such as Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn and The View. Louise has performed at many of the leading comedy clubs throughout the world, including Caroline's, The TakeOut Comedy Club Hong Kong and The Comic Strip Live. Louise is married to Tom Cotter, who is also a notable stand-up comedian. They have worked together on different projects including Two Funny, a reality show on Women's Entertainment Network.
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Tickets For Upcoming Shows
  • Monday October 4th 08:00PM
  • East Village
  • Funny Women of a Certain Age
  • Per NYC's Key To NYC Policy, all guests must provide proof of vaccination and ID at check inFUNNY WOMEN OF A CERTAIN AGE is a show straight from the unfettered mouths and uninhibited minds of the funniest, most daring, most experienced people in comedy: the women that have seen it all. They’ve raised children both on and off the road, having club bouncers watch their babies while onstage. These women have stayed in comedy condos where you don’t want to use a blacklight on anything. They’ve been told women aren’t funny and asked to trade sexual favors for work.Trust us, they have A LOT to say and they say it hysterically.This performance will be taped for promotional usage in advance of their upcoming U.S. national tour.