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Matt Richards


Born and raised on the gritty streets of Queens, Matt used comedy as a means of defending himself from bullies and gangsters. It worked 62% of the time. Matt is also an actor, a magician, and a hypnotist. In the last 7 years, he's performed on several thousand shows. Matt is best known as one of the hosts of HQ Trivia and a cast member of MTV's Joking Off
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Tickets For Upcoming Shows
  • Sunday November 18th 07:00PM
  • Midtown
  • Robby Slowik Album Recording
  • Join us as The New York Comedy Club continues to record the funniest live albums in comedy.Tonight's Album: Robby SlowikRobby Slowik has been called “a national treasure and comedy’s most talented talent” by an anonymous reddit account that is definitely not controlled by Robby Slowik. Stop implying that it is.  And while those claims are true, it took time to get there. After starting comedy in Tampa, Fl (The cultural capital of the world) Robby moved to L.A. (The Tampa of California) before settling in New York City where he does stand-up most nights. Aside from clubs and venues nationwide, Robby has done stand-up on Conan (TV!) and numerous festivals such as The Great American Comedy Festival and Laughing Skull.  I have (I mean “he” has… How long do I have to pretend someone else is writing this?) also written for TV including working with Jon Stewart on his HBO project, as well as shows for IFC, MTV, and Comedy Central.  Also Featuring:Matt RichardsAdrienne IapalucciBrendan Sagalow
  • Sunday January 6th 06:00PM
  • East Village
  • Comedy Seance with Kate Wolff, Alyson Charles, and Jess Grippo
  • Comedy Seance is a spiritual comedy variety show with healers/comedians Alyson Charles, Jess Grippo, and Kate Wolff. A unique and hilarious show with stand up comedy, musical acts, dancing, spiritual ceremonies, and more! Jess, Kate, and Alyson take you on an adventure where you feel uplifted, and can't stop laughing, all the while going deep into your truest soul's vibration. Cause it's cool to be yourself!Featuring:Kate WolffAlyson CharlesJess GrippoMatt RichardsAminah ImaniGiulio Gallarotti (Lil Young Big)