Michael Albanese


A New York based comedian by way of Atlanta, Mike can be seen as a recurring character on BET’s hit show, “The Game” as well as in 2016 feature film “American Dirtbags” (watch for FREE on Amazon. Mike finds his humor from his everyday life experiences mixed with his internal struggle with health, crippling paranoia and his longing for that perfect girl who he will inevitably blow it with. ​ ​ Mike produces the "Red Clay Comedy Festival" annually in Atlanta, GA and several showcases in New York City where he currently resides ​Catch Mike weekly as he and fellow comedian Alexis Gurreros eat their way through the country finding the best undiscovered food spots and go on wild adventures...
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Tickets For Upcoming Shows
  • Tuesday May 17th 08:00PM
  • East Village
  • NICE TRY, Michael Kosta ft. Gianmarco Soresi, Casey Balsham, Graham Kay
  • Comedy is hard. Don't believe it? Then come to NICE TRY w/ Michael Kosta and watch professional stand-ups try out their new jokes for the first time. Kosta, a Daily Show correspondent and stand-up veteran (who closes the show each week), created the show to celebrate the most important part of crafting a good joke: failing at it. So stop by, have a drink, lower your expectations, and watch comedy get created the only way it can: by trial and error.