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Mike Finoia


Mike is a standup comedian based out of NYC. Who also is the host of "Amigos", a music & comedy podcast on the Osiris Network. Mike is a writer & producer for The Impractical Jokers on TruTV.
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Tickets For Upcoming Shows
  • Tuesday November 26th 08:00PM
  • East Village
  • NICE TRY w/ Michael Kosta ft. Sam Morril, Mike Finoia, Adrienne Iapalucci
  • Comedy is hard. Don't believe it? Then come to NICE TRY w/ Michael Kosta and watch professional stand-ups try out their new jokes for the first time. Kosta, a Daily Show correspondent and stand-up veteran (who closes the show each week), created the show to celebrate the most important part of crafting a good joke: failing at it. So stop by, have a drink, lower your expectations, and watch comedy get created the only way it can: by trial and error. Hosted by H. FoleyTrying Tonight:Sam MorrilEagle WittAdrienne Iapalucci Mike Finoia Brendan Sagalow