Nataly Aukar


Nataly Aukar is a Lebanese born and raised stand-up comic based in New York City. She was featured at the Brooklyn Comedy Festival, has opened for Nimesh Patel (Saturday Night Live) and also featured for world-famous comedian Gad El Maleh as part of his World Tour in DC, Canada and the UAE. Nataly has most recently been opening for Mo Amer (Netflix, Fallon, Colbert) on his current tour.
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Tickets For Upcoming Shows
  • Mon | November 6th - 9:15PM | Midtown
  • Hilarious Habibis Presented by the New York Comedy Festival
  • Hilarious Habibis – hosted by Gena B. Jones and Lynn Maleh – is Hollywood's FIRST EVER stand up showcase featuring exclusively Middle Eastern/North African [MENA] comedians. The show, which has been featured in Alaraby TV and Between East, aims to bring together a diverse group of artists and audiences to laugh about everything, from brown parent trauma and cultural hiccups to AMC commercials and lube. What began as a way for MENA comedians to get in front of agents and managers has evolved into something so much bigger: a countercultural hub for the MENA community in LA and beyond. Past shows have featured a range of up-and coming and established MENA comics, including Bassem Youssef, Maz Jobrani, Dina Hashem, Aristotle Athari, and Crystal Marie.Tonight features Lili Michelle, Nataly Aukar, Dan Mahboubian Rosen Mohanad Elshieky and hosts Lynn Maleh and Gena B. Jones.