Nimesh Patel


I AM NIMESH PATEL. If you Google me, I am the first result. And most every other Nimesh Patel is a doctor. Which means if my parents Google me, they get their son, and then a list of everything they wanted their son to be. I AM NIMESH PATEL I like family, sarcasm, water, the Lakers, and dancing while drunk. I AM A WRITER I wrote for the 2016 Oscars with Chris Rock. I hope to write for you, too (if you pay me). I AM A STAND-UP COMEDIAN I say things people find funny. On stage. My idols are Larry David, Chris Rock, and Patrice O'Neal. I AM NOT AN ASSHOLE If you've not read David Foster Wallace's "This is Water," go read it. It guides a lot of my everyday life. There is more to me, but I am not unrealistic. I don't even want to write my biography, why would you want to read it? I hope you like me as a person so far.
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Tickets For Upcoming Shows
  • Wednesday September 30th 09:15PM
  • The Penthouse
  • Standing with Beirut: A Comedy Fundraiser
  • Join us high above the city for a night of safely distanced fun at a gorgeous rooftop in Flatiron.BYOB - We'll bring the laughs! You bring yourself, a friend, your sense of humor, your drink of choice and a mask.Masks or cloth facial covering (must cover both nose and mouth) are required during check in and seating, while seated if not actively eating or drinking, for access to the bathrooms and during exit from the patio. Non-compliance will result in removal from the premises without refund.To comply with social distancing regulations, reservations are by group, not per person. Groups may not be combined into larger parties.Address and arrival instructions are included in your email confirmation - please read it carefully!On August 4, 2020, Beirut was rocked by a massive and deadly explosion. It came at a time when Lebanon was facing its worst economic crisis, COVID-19 and unprecedented levels of poverty and hunger.Over 170 people were killed, 6,000 thousand injured, and over 300,000 have been left homeless. Businesses, schools, homes and hospitals were destroyed.Join us at NYCC for a one night only event to help raise money to help support the people of Lebanon in partnership with you can't attend, click HERE to donate to SEAL's Beirut Emergency Fund and make sure to write "New York Comedy Club" under the "reference" box!