Pat Burtscher


Pat Burtscher has been touring the globe with a pocket full of ideas, a brain full of questions and a heart full of love. His unique capacity for reducing the universal to the personal has earned him critical acclaim and recognition as one of the most exciting stand ups working on the international circuit today. Mr. Burtscher was a finalist in both the prestigious Seattle and San Francisco International Comedy Competitions (and a few other competitions to boot). He has also been invited to perform at clubs and festivals the world over (including Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Adelaide Fringe Festival, Singapore Comedy Fringe, JFL42 and a bunch of other cool stuff too).
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Tickets For Upcoming Shows
  • Tuesday February 25th 08:00PM
  • East Village
  • NICE TRY w/ Michael Kosta ft. Big Jay Oakerson, Napoleon Emill, H. Foley
  • Comedy is hard. Don't believe it? Then come to NICE TRY w/ Michael Kosta and watch professional stand-ups try out their new jokes for the first time. Kosta, a Daily Show correspondent and stand-up veteran (who closes the show each week), created the show to celebrate the most important part of crafting a good joke: failing at it. So stop by, have a drink, lower your expectations, and watch comedy get created the only way it can: by trial and error.Trying Tonight:H. FoleyPat BurtscherPete RevelloBig Jay OakersonNapoloeon EmillTushar SinghAndy HaynesHanna DickinsonJordan Jensen*Michael Kost is on assignment for The Daily Show*