Described by Joe Rogan as one of the hottest up and coming talents in the country, Ryan Joseph uses the classic one-liner joke structure and off the cuff crowd work to make the dark part of life funny. Currently based in Austin, TX , Ryan cut his teeth in LA winning the U.S. Comedy Comedy Competition at the legendary Ice House and appeared on Killtony over ten times. He has also appeared on Skankfest, Palm Springs Comedy Festival and has worked with Joe Rogan, Whitney Cummings, Tim Dillon, Jamie Kennedy, Eleanor Kerrigan and Guy Torry. Ryan regularly tours with William Montgomery and David Lucas and hosts the new podcast, "The Ryan Joseph Show." He also starred in the new upcoming feature "Transubstantiation" premiering on Roku in 2022.
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Tickets For Upcoming Shows
  • Saturday November 12th 11:30PM
  • Midtown
  • Sick Fux: As presented by the New York Comedy Festival
  • Ryan Joseph (U.S. Comedy Contest Winner, Skankfest,) brings you his national touring dark comedy show. You won't know if the performers are comics or escaped mental patients, but the will make you laugh. Even if you don't want to! Previous guests include Whitney Cummings, Tim Dylan, Eleanor Kerrigan. Come see the most offensive, politically incorrect stand-up comedy you've ever witnessed.Lineup:Ryan JosephLauryn PetrieBill DawesMore to be updated