Katie Boyle is an Irish comedian living in New York City. She performed as a "New Face" in the 2023 Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal, and was featured in NY Funniest showcase and New York Comedy Festival in 2022. Katie's debut album and special, I'll Do It Myself, was released through Pinch Records in summer of 2023. The album hit #1 on iTunes Comedy Charts and is currently available to stream on all major platforms. Her next special, Don't Tell, will premiere this coming November. Katie has headlined clubs across the United States, and brought her hour to Dublin and Cork earlier this year for four sold-out shows. Her work has been featured in Laughing Skull, Women in Comedy, Kanas City Irish Fest, and on SiriusXM. Outside of stand-up, Katie has acted in various sketches and shorts, including LadBible and Unilad's "Man of the Street" videos, and she appeared in a commercial for Oracle. She also collaborates with brands like Piece of Cake Moving, Language Drops, Sundance, and MTV to create and develop funny content. She currently hosts "The Shift" podcast, on which she and guests discuss sex and dating from an Irish perspective.
Casey Balsham is a stand-up comedian living and breathing in New York City. You’ve seen her at various clubs all over the country and as a regular at New York Comedy Club and Gotham. You’ve heard her as the host of the Shady Sh*t Podcast on Dear Media. Casey has also been featured on Gotham Comedy Live, Lifetime, Tidal’s No Small Talk Series and in a Monistat commercial you can only find online. Her debut album “Son of a Barb” hit number one on the iTunes charts and can be streamed on Spotify and Pandora. She recently wrote and starred in a one-woman show called “Casey Balsham Does a Thing” and was the lead in the off-Broadway musical, HA! In between Instagram breaks, Casey is working on her second solo show and writing a musical with her writing partner, Bradley Beahan. She hopes to keep adding credits to and rewriting her bio until the end of time.
Tracey Carnazzo is a comedian and podcast host from New York City. Her OCD and love for reality TV has shaped who she is today. Tracey hosts the podcasts Teen Mom Trash Talk, 90 Day Fiancé Trash Talk and Catfish Trash Talk, which sit on podcast top charts. Tracey has performed at New York Comedy Festival, New South Comedy Festival, Free Standup Festival, Skankfest, Asheville Comedy Festival, Cola Comedy Con and Oak City Comedy Festival. She has been featured on SiriusXM’s The Bonfire, Jim & Sam and Tell Me Everything. Tracey can be seen on Elite Daily, Refinery 29, Bravo, MTV, FX, Hulu and VICE. You can hear her as a guest on various comedy podcasts. Tracey is a regular at NYC venues and performs all over the country.
Mary Lynn Rajskub, best known for her roles in "24" and "It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia" as "Chloe" and "Gail the Snail," is a seasoned comedian, actress, and writer. She recently released her first book, "FAME-ISH: My Life At The Edge Of Stardom," providing a comedic take on her journey to becoming "fame-ish." Beyond her comedic pursuits, Mary Lynn has appeared in various TV series, including "Accused," "The Dropout," "Big Shot," and "Immoral Compass." Her film roles span a range of genres, from the sci-fi film "The Tomorrow War" to comedies like "Night School" and classics such as "Little Miss Sunshine" and "Man on the Moon." As a seasoned stand-up comedian, Mary Lynn draws on her own life experiences to explore themes of modern womanhood through a personal, relatable, and revealing lens.
“Life’s short. I’m not!” is more than just a pun for this 6’7”, 225 lb, hairy giant; it’s his motto, mantra and mission statement, meaning “Tall or small, LIVE LARGER THAN LIFE!” After leasing his soul to advertising for several years, Bronston’s back at the mic doing what he loves most — Saying Something without Selling Anything. Bronston is developing a following in the UK. He’s spent the last three summers doing Edinburgh Fringe, where he garnered four and five star reviews. He’s played some of UK’s top clubs. Bronston’s stand-up has been featured on Rooftop Comedy and ComedyTimeTV. He’s acted in TruTV’s “All Worked Up,” charity spots for UNF–KTHEGULF, plus commercials for Nike, Telenet and other things he’d never buy. Bronston is a guest on numerous radio shows & podcasts, and he sometimes blogs for Huffington Post Comedy. Behind the camera, Bronston produced or directed 300+ commercials & music videos. He’s directed Olympians, Whoopi Goldberg, Kathy Griffin, Tommy Lee, NASCAR drivers and NFL All-Stars. Bronston directed Uncle Kracker’s Top 20 video “Drift Away.” He wrote and directed the award-winning short “MaxiDoodles,” which skewered the ad biz—then generated even more commercial work. Irony is awesome! Bronston produced the NYC shoot for the feature film “W.E.” directed by Madonna. He production managed HBO specials for David Brenner, Sandra Bernhard and Jerry Seinfeld. Jerry’s opened with a funeral for his retired material: Carlin, King, Leifer, Leno, McMahon, Reiser, Shandling, Wallace and Larry Miller were there! Bronston too (well, in production moho) — inspiring! And perhaps why much of his material deals with death… Or celebrating this short but amazing life!
Erin Maguire is a NYC based comedian/actor/writer/podcast host hailing from Boston. She's been seen on Gotham AXS Live, ESPN, the Game Show Network and wrote for Comedy Central's Roast of Alec Baldwin. Her podcast, Dear Pod, has been featured on Apple's top 100 comedy pods. Erin performed at the Lucille Ball Comedy Festival for the grand opening of the National Comedy Center and won the Woodstock Comedy Festival and Mohegan Sun's Last Comix Standing. Stalk her online @erinmaguireofficial on Instagram because she's crap at Twitter. Or check out and
Neil Rubenstein doesn’t do drugs. He’s never had a sip of alcohol. So it may come as a bit of a surprise when the Long Island comedian references past occupations like owning a brothel or running an illegal poker room. It’s a dynamic that makes Neil both incredibly interesting and incredibly funny – something that served him well when his role on a Spike TV show as a gambling expert introduced him to the world of stand-up comedy. Stand up was more than an outlet – it straightened out his life. “I accidentally became a good role model,” Neil Rubenstein says. Neil doesn’t shy away from discussing his former life of crime. Though he credits comedy with in some ways saving his life, his past experiences inform his understanding and his art. They also inform his work ethic. “I can’t just play cards, I had to run a poker room,” Neil says, by way of explanation. It’s an ethic he brings to his comedy: a dedication to doing something to the utmost degree. “I couldn’t just do stand up, I had to quit my job and focus everything on the craft.” His dedication and humor have earned him accolades including runner up in 2017 Long Island Laugh Off and the Main Event of The World Series of Comedy. “Neil’s a burly, tattooed guy who plays against type; kind, cerebral, but still casually mentions past illegal activities the way I might reference a Renaissance Lit course I took in college,” Joe Devito, famous comedian, said about Neil’s show. It’s a show you won’t want to miss.
Katie Hannigan is a stand up comic, actor and bad bitch (she tried to be rude once but she got nervous). Featured on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Comedy Central, Just For Laughs New Faces, Travel Channel, and MTV, Katie performs nightly in NYC at New York Comedy Club, Stand Up NY, Westside Comedy Club, and Caroline's. Katie wrote Death Hacks with Augenblick Studios, Miss Information (digital content for the History Channel) and recently Moments in Time, a web series featured in the Yes And Laughter Lab. ​Katie's acting credits include That Damn Michael Che (HBOmax), FunnyorDie, CollegeHumor, and Comedy Central.
Tayler Yarish is a NYC based comedian. He’s been a featured performer at multiple comedy festivals including SLO Comedy Festival, Baltimore Comedy Festival, and Charm City Comedy Festival. He hosts a weekly podcast called The Tayler Yarish Show.
Julio Diaz is a stand-up comedian, born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. Julio has performed at legendary NY clubs like New York Comedy Club, Gotham , the stand and more, but his raw, witty, and charismatic style has been a hit in the underground comedy scene for half a decade. Stand-up has afforded Julio the opportunity to perform and produce shows all over New York City. Currently, he has three successful live comedy experiences: Comedy at The Cooper, Gimmie a Break Comedy Show, and Hoodie Season Comedy Show. Comedy is more than just getting on stage and making people laugh—it’s about making light of day-to-day experiences. His material stems from overcoming adversity, moving from job to job, financial struggles, and of course navigating dating challenges. Comedy has given him the strength to become confident and pass that on to others. Be sure to listen to his podcast ‘TJ Squared’ (streaming on all major platforms) and catch him at a comedy show near you.
Mike Finoia is a comedian based out of NYC. He is a writer / producer for TruTV’s Impractical Jokers, and he also opens for the guys on their national theater tour. Mike is also the co-host of the Comes a Time Podcast, alongside Dead & Co / Allman Brothers Bassist Oteil Burbridge. Mike has been featured on TruTV, Sirius XM & Comedy Central. When not on the road, Mike can be found nightly performing at the premiere NYC comedy clubs. He can be heard regularly on The Bonfire on SXM Faction. @mikefinoia
Tom Cassidy is a comedian from Philadelphia, based in New York City. His debut stand-up album funnymatic reached #1 on the iTunes comedy chart. Tom was the lead producer for the first season of Danny’s House on Vice TV, has been featured on Adult Swim programming including Mostly for Millennials and was a writer for The F-Spot With Derrick Beckles. Tom turned his 2nd Album 'LIFE AFTER FUNNY' into a youtube special in 2022. His new Pilot SNOWDANCE is also out now on Youtube!
Brandon Barrera is a New York comedian originally from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. By telling unique and funny stories about himself, Brandon's goal is to leave an audience feeling as if they’ve known him their entire lives.
Alex Kumin is an NYC based comedian by way of Chicago and Boston whose bold and whip smart standup delights crowds across the US. You've seen her on the 2021 season of Comedy Central Standup Featuring, and she has also participated in Gilda's Laughfest - Best of the Midwest, NBC Universal's Breakout Festival and Limestone Comedy Festival. During her years in Chicago, she was named a comic to watch by Timeout Chicago and The Chicago Reader. Her voiceover work is extensive and includes campaigns for Google, United Airlines, and, her most on brand to date, Kohler intelligent toilets.
Há mais de 10 anos na comédia stand up, o humorista paraense Murilo Couto iniciou sua carreira na TV em 2009 na novela Malhação. Dois anos depois, passou a integrar o elenco do já extinto talk show Agora é Tarde (Band) ao lado de Danilo Gentilli. Em 2013, foram contratados pelo SBT para o late show The Noite, exibido até hoje pelo canal. No ano de 2016, Murilo foi finalista do prêmio “A Pessoa Mais Engraçada do Mundo”, promovido pelo clube de comédia americano Laugh Factory. No ano seguinte, lançou seu primeiro show solo de stand up comedy Eu, Eu Murilo na Netflix, em 2019 gravou seu segundo especial de comédia "Fazendo Suas Graça" disponível no Youtube que já conta com mais de 6,7 milhões de visualizações e em 2020 e 2021 lançou na GloboPlay os terceiro e quarto especiais “2020” e “2021”, relatando suas experiências pandemicas. É possível também encontrar Murilo na Netflix em seu primeiro filme gravado em 2018, "Exterminadores do Além Contra a Loira do Banheiro”, o qual é um dos protagonistas. O filme virou uma série que está no ar no canal SBT. Atualmente, Murilo viaja pelo Brasil com seus shows de stand up comedy "Idiota” e “Murilo Coach - Mindset”. Além de repórter do late show The Noite com Danilo Gentili, Murilo é youtuber e se dedica a criar conteúdo para seu canal que conta com mais de 2,1 milhões de inscritos. Emicouto, seu personagem rapper, conquistou o Brasil e a cena do rap nacional com 10 músicas em diversas plataformas digitais incluindo Deezer e Spotify, somente nessa última já conta com cerca de 18.6k ouvintes mensais. Murilo Couto também está no programa "Comedy Central Stand Up" do canal Comedy Central.
As seen on "America's Got Talent" and "Kill Tony", Ahren Belisle is a software engineer and mental health advocate turned comedian. Born in Northern Ontario with cerebral palsy, Ahren is a mute comedian who uses his phone to deliver jokes. Ahren has over 500,000 followers and uses his platform to spread positive messages and comedy.
Yechiel Jacobs, catapulted into the limelight through his uproarious presence on social media platforms. With a knack for crafting relatable, laugh out loud content, Yechiel amassed a dedicated following within just a few months, eagerly awaiting his next laugh-inducing post. However, Yechiel's comedic journey doesn’t stop online. Encouraged by his growing popularity and craving direct interaction with his fans, he took to the stage, performing his first ever stand-up comedy show at the Laugh Factory, bringing his infectious humor and magnetic charm to live audiences. From his very first performance, Yechiel proved that his talent transcends pixels and screens. With each punchline, he effortlessly captivates audiences, leaving them in stitches and craving more of his signature wit. With his meteoric rise from social media sensation to rising stage star, Yechiel Jacobs is solidifying his place as one of comedy's brightest and most versatile talents. Keep an eye on this rising star as he continues to spread laughter wherever he goes.
Erik has been featured on Comedy & writing featured on Fox, Sirius XM, TMZ, CBS, ABC Radio, Time Out NY, United Stations Network, & SNL Weekend Update
James Pontillo is a comedian from Queens New York . He is also producer of the monthly IOU comedy show in Williamsburg and one of the producers of New York Comedy Club Roast Battle . He does comedy all over the city and recently opened for Joey Gay and Dave Sirus at The Philadelphia comedy club . He is also one of the countries top roasters and main events roast battle often . He’s recently performed at The Comedy Store in Los Angeles , Skankfest in Brooklyn and will be appearing at Fairfield Comedy Club in a few weeks
Actor/Comedian/ Brian Scott McFadden is one of the funniest stand up comics working in the industry today. A regular on the NY comedy club circuit, Brian has recently taken his act to a whole new level with his high energy performances & some of the most unique, incisive & hilarious routines around. After making his debut on The Late Show with David Letterman Brian followed that up with an appearance on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson on CBS. A multidimensional performer Brian is both an accomplished stage actor, who has played Hamlet in New York, and a versatile voice over artist with a vast range of accents and character voices in his repertoire. Brian was recently seen on the big screen in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty with Ben Stiller & also performed in such films as Ice Age II with Ray Romano and Robots with Robin Williams & Halle Berry. Look for Brian’s new comedy special “Accents & Nonsense” on Drybar Comedy later this year.
Reg Thomas has been making people laugh forever. His comedy draws from the clash between his conservative Haitian upbringing, growing up in Brooklyn and dating in New York City. Reg writes jokes that allow anyone with a heartbeat to laugh and enjoy the moment. He has written content for media companies including Atlantic Records, Complex Magazine, and TruTV. In five short years, Reg has made a name for himself running the gauntlet that is the New York City comedy scene and headlining clubs like Caroline’s on Broadway.
Marie Faustin is a NY-based comedian and actress well known for her storytelling skills, lightening fast crowd work and ability to turn a bad date into a good story. She's appeared in the New York Times, GQ Magazine, MTV, VH1, BET and Comedy Central. She's currently hosting a dating game show called Why Are You Single to figure out wtf is wrong with us all. Twitter: MsReeezy | TikTok: MaReeezy | Instagram: Reeezy |
Pat Burtscher has been touring the globe with a pocket full of ideas, a brain full of questions and a heart full of love. His unique capacity for reducing the universal to the personal has earned him critical acclaim and recognition as one of the most exciting stand ups working on the international circuit today. Mr. Burtscher was a finalist in both the prestigious Seattle and San Francisco International Comedy Competitions (and a few other competitions to boot). He has also been invited to perform at clubs and festivals the world over (including Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Adelaide Fringe Festival, Singapore Comedy Fringe, JFL42 and a bunch of other cool stuff too).
Brooklyn native, Alex Babbitt otherwise known as Mr. Babbitt, is a rising star in the New York City comedy scene. Mr. Babbitt started at the ripe age of 16 and now in his early 20’s he is quickly making a name for himself as one of the funniest and most charismatic comedians breaking into the spotlight. As seen on HBO’s All Def Comedy, Mr. Babbitt continues to be observant and methodical as he constantly engages his audience with rapid fire Witt, complimented by his unrivaled energy. All while strolling down memory lane, poking fun at family or sharing lessons learned as a traveling comedian.
John is a New York based comedian who can be found regularly in both NYC and Los Angeles. His debut comedy album “Nervous” (2013), was highly regarded and LAFT Magazine reviewed John as, “A comedian for the people.” John released his second comedy album, “New Phone, Who Is This?” (2015) which was also well received, ranking #1 for New Comedy Releases during its opening weekend. Both albums are currently available on iTunes, Amazon and CD Baby. He was featured on the WestJet "Just For Laughs" comedy tour headlined by Dane Cook. In addition, he featured for Cook at the Beacon Theater as part of the New York Comedy Festival. More recently, John opened for and appeared on Esther Povitsky’s Comedy Central special, “Hot For My Name” (2020) that was produced by Happy Madison. John has been on Gotham Comedy Live twice. Other notable appearances/credits include: GWF podcast, Adult Swim, Comedy Central, TVGuide Network (POP), Playboy Radio, BiteSizeTV and Reelz Channel. He also headlines, “Live w/ John Campanelli” at the Comedy Store in Hollywood which has been running since 2011. And was the host of @ComedyTrend w/ John Campanelli at the Hollywood Laugh Factory from 2014-2018. John is currently on the ProbleMATTic World Tour w/ Matt Rife