We know everyone is feeling the effects of Coronavirus on their lives and their wallets.  People across so many industries are feeling the pain of slow down or closure as more people must quarantine or isolate.  The restaurant, bar and live entertainment industries in New York City are no exception.

Our staff is made up primarily of servers, bartenders, and barbacks whose income relies heavily on tips and entirely on our club actually being open.  Others are artists and entertainers, or otherwise self employed, who lend their talents to our club as part time freelancers, and thus not even qualified for Unemployment.

As a business, we are using every resource at our disposal to help cushion the blow for our incredible staff. But, as many have experienced in the last week, we are finding the gears of relief grinding very slowly.  If you are in a position to lend a hand, we have a number of ways you can help!

When you buy a Gift Certificate, Ticket Package or Unlimited Pass, you’re contributing to the pool of money we’ll be splitting among our staff, in particular those in the most vulnerable positions. Plus, you get to look forward to enjoying a great night of comedy when things get back to normal.

Or, you can simply Donate Directly below to our staff fund - you won’t get tickets, but you will get eternal gratitude from the whole NYCC family.

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