Wednesday September 5th - 7:00PM

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Note: This event is at our More Info >>">Midtown location
Alli Breen, Ariel Elias, Molly Ruben-Long, Merrill Davis
Witch Hunt comedy show was inspired by the Salem Witch Trials of 1692 in Colonial Massachusetts where many women were accused of witchcraft and burned at the stake. This show is in memory of those women and all the female comedians who when they see an all male lineup want to set themselves on fire. Did you know that all female comedians are actually witches? We have powers beyond making people laugh. Like for example, we live forever. This is an all female comedy show plus one or two male mortals whose lives we decided to spare. We hope to see you so we can make you laugh for eternity!

Molly Ruben Long
Ariel Ellias
Farrah Brook
Ayo Edebiri
Karoleana Theresa
Chloe McGovern
Eudora Peterson
Ryan Schutt
Alli Breen