Monday July 25th - 9:15PM

Emma Willmann, Paul Virzi, Anthony Devito, Leonard Ouzts
Emma Willman hosts a night of amazing stand-up for SiriusXM featuring:

Lenard Ouzts 
Anthony Devito 
Leah Bonnema 
Ashley Gavin 
Paul Virzi 
Costaki Economopoulos 

The Check Spot, hosted by Emma Willmann airs on Raw Dog Comedy SiriusXM 99. This new show will be the on-air equivalent to the slot given to brand new comics in NYC comedy clubs, aka “the check spot” (hence the show’s name.) This is incredibly exciting news for listeners and aspiring comics alike as it will give up-and-coming comedians a chance to show off their chops through clips from their comedy albums and interviews.