Friday August 19th - 11:30PM

Paid or Pain ft Mehran Khaghani, Jay Nog, Corinne Fisher, Krystyna Hutchinson
Tired of being tortured by bad comedy? Terrible comedy should be punishable! In this unique comedy show, comedians perform and the audience decides if they should be PAID cash or administered PAIN by a Dominatrix.


The show opens with our hosts, Jay Nog and Mehran Khaghani, who introduce the show and the pre-selected special guests, who sit in on the show as a panel. Nog and Khaghani interact with the guests, warm up the crowd by discussing the world of sex and relationships, play interactive games, and give away some sex toys. Then they bring on a headlining comedian to perform. Before the competition begins, Nog and Khaghani bring out the house Dominatrix, explain the rules, and let the games begin.


The competition begins: four stand-up comedians compete for either cash (“paid”) or torture (“pain”) from our Dominatrix, based on a good or bad performance, which is decided by the audience. If the audience votes for a comedian to receive “pain,” he or she must pick a card from the “Deck of Pain,” and the dominatrix administers the torture based on whatever card is drawn (tortures include paddling in pink panties, clothes-pin nipple clamp Christmas tree, cat tail lashings, or hot wax on the chest, etc). In case the comedian can dish it out but can’t take the pain, there is of course a safe-word, which is chosen prior to the competition by the audience.  Finally, the show culminates with an erotic banana eating contest, in which audience members volunteer to participate. Who will be PAID or PAIN?!


Special Guests

Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson from Guys We Fuc!ed podcast



Lady Zombie



Patrick Hansen

Celeste Negron

Logan Murphy

Joey Scalafini