Saturday August 1st - 11:30PM

Two comics enter, one leaves... hilariously humiliated Roast Battle is the hottest show in LA and now in NYC! Comedians face each other in a battle of wits well beyond the standard \"Yo Mama\" jokes. A panel of celebrity comedian judges, many of whome have written for or been featured on the Comedy Central Roast series, dispenses harsh and hilarious judgement. The judges scores and audience vote determine who leaves a Roast Battle Champion and who slinks home with their tail between their legs. Featured in LA Weekly, hottest shows in LA and cover, Vultures top 50 comics, Huffington Post, New York Comedy fest, SXSW, RIOT LA festival – comics featured Sarah Silverman, Dave Chappelle, Russell Simmons, John Mayer etc. Rell Battle the Host Corinne Fisher VS. Danny Palmer Monroe Martin VS. Chris Cotton Luis Gomez VS. Kurt Metzger